Great Northern Popcorn Machine Pop Pup 2-1/2oz Retro Style Popcorn Popper Review

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  • Convenient serving tray can be removed
  • Large capacity inside
  • Makes fresh home theater popcorn


  • Not easy to clean


A great popcorn popper, just insert your kernels and wait – it’s that simple to use.

For a theater popcorn experience at the comfort of your home, the Great Northern Pop Pup Retro Style Popcorn Popper will do the job for you. It features a one-of-a-kind removable serving tray that makes serving freshly popped popcorn convenient and free from mess. It has a retro look to it which can also be used as the perfect vintage accent for your kitchen.


  • Product dimensions: 9.8” x 11” x 18.8”
  • Product weight: 10 pounds
  • Capacity: 5 oz.
  • Retro-style design
  • Countertop popcorn popper
  • It can pop up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batch
  • It features a 2.5 oz. stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring arms
  • It has a slide-out serving tray that is also dishwasher safe
  • It features a warming light
  • Also included in the package are: one 10-watt bulb used for warming light feature, measuring spoon, measuring cup and 2 pieces of popping kettle hangers
  • Requires minor assembly
  • 5 oz. pre-portioned packs are also offered for smaller-sized batches
  • Can be plugged into your household outlet
  • Offers a 30-day warranty for the kettle and 90-day warranty for the machine.
  • Plastic windows


  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • It has a warming light to keep the cooked popcorn fresh and warm
  • The warming light also lets you view the inside as the popcorn is prepared
  • Portable
  • It has a removable serving tray so you can eat popcorn right after popping it
  • The components of the popcorn popper (stainless steel kettle and removable serving tray) are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless
  • Has a large capacity machine (1 gallon) enough to serve a small family with just cooking one batch
  • Perfect size for small households
  • Serves great-tasting home theater popcorn


  • According to a few people who reviewed the product, the machine only lasted for a few weeks before it broke
  • The serving per batch is quite small for some people
  • Can be quite hard to clean according to some people
  • The plastic windows have the tendency to crack
  • A few people have reviewed that only around 75% of the kernels are popped
  • Some corn kernels can get stuck in the pot


The Great Northern Popcorn Machine Pop Pup 2-1/2oz Retro Style Popcorn Popper is a great popcorn machine if you have a small family. The vintage design it has is also great if you have a retro vibe going on in your kitchen design or just want to add some accent. It is also a great machine for small parties but you have to start popping early to avoid running out of popcorn.


If you like to throw small parties in your home, another popcorn machine that serves great home-theater style popcorn is the Hamilton Beach 73310 Party Popper Popcorn Maker. It is simple to use—you just load the machine with your ingredients, wait for the popping to stop and switch off the machine. After that you can serve it immediately.

It has the capability to make over 5 liters or up to 24 cups of popcorn in one cycle. It features a removable lid, where the popper is attached, so you can use the base as your serving bowl. Once the popcorn is popped, they are automatically stirred around the nonstick cooking surface to ensure that each piece comes out fluffy. The popping chamber is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

It is also made from high-quality plastic to ensure that it can hold up with the high heat emitted. Included in the package is a unique measuring cup that you can use for measuring popcorn kernels and oil. It is compact and will not take up too much space anywhere you want to place it. It can be stored easily as well since the top and bottom components nest together.

The Disney Mickey Kettle Style Popcorn Popper is a fancy-looking machine, also great for adding a child-themed accent anywhere in your kitchen. This is a great popcorn popper if you have kids to entertain, like in parties. Additionally, this can also be a great amusement for your children while watching the kernels pop. This popcorn machine can make 6 to 8 servings of popcorn.

The Mickey Mouse theme also extends to the other components included in the package, like the oil and kernel scoops as well as the plastic popcorn serving cups that are also designed with Mickey Mouse. The popper is made of a combination of plastic and metal parts. It is also convenient to use because of the slide-out popcorn tray that it has.


For super-sized batches of popcorn, the Hamilton Beach 73310 Party Popper Popcorn Maker will give you the best value for your money. It is hassle free because you just need to load the ingredients and wait for the popcorn to be cooked in a few minutes. Additionally, instead of a serving tray, the base doubles as a serving bowl for more convenient use.


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